Customer Value Proposition

Providing True Customer Value

When you work with Tony Innaimo Transport, we provide true customer value, which means you’ll receive:

  • High Quality Service utilising Latest Technology
  • Sign on Glass Consignments
  • Real-Time Electronic Proof of Delivery
  • Electronic Freight Booking Options (online and via API)
  • Integrated invoicing to reduce your accounting and AP expenses
  • Real-time notifications and metrics
  • Track and trace features from origin to destination
  • Reliable capacity
  • Accessible account management team

Team’s focus on achieving Customer Service and Customer Value

The entire Tony Innaimo Transport Team is dedicated to ensuring customer service is a primary focus in every decision and is pleased to participate in learning directly from customers how individuals personally measure via ongoing customer key performance metric feedback sessions.  With the freight transport industry typically seen as a commodity service driven by lowest costs, the Tony Innaimo Transport team understands that freight quality, performance, safety and environmental impacts are the real customer value drivers.  Any decision by the team is made considering the impacts on customer service and its impact on our organisation’s value proposition to the client.

Team’s commitment to Long-term Future Outlook & Big Picture Focus

Organisation focused on ensuring team is happy, motivated and diversified with the understanding that a diverse workforce can provide perspectives which otherwise would not be considered with a narrow focus typically found within the transport industry.  Business development efforts are focused not on chasing the short-term dollars, but with the outlook of establishing long-term relationships which are proven to be in alignment with the long-term vision and values of the organisation.

Team’s dedication to proving Safe and Reliable Service

Tony Innaimo Transport Company has invested significantly into technological advancements to ensure our team provides safe and reliable services.  All fleet vehicles are extensively maintained, state-of-the-art, immaculately presented and equipped with GPS tracking devices providing real-time location information whilst simultaneously recording vehicle performance, key safety metrics and asset efficiencies such as fuel consumption, idle time, vehicle speed and braking performance.  This information is compiled and reviewed internally by the team on a regular basis to ensure vehicles are operated and maintained to the highest environmental standards available.  In addition, drivers are equipped with GPS enabled mobile devices providing drivers with real-time route maps, live traffic information and customers with electronic consignment sign-on-glass functionality in order to reduce environmental impacts of paper consignment notes.

The entire Tony Innaimo team is committed to ensure the customer’s goods arrive in top condition, with safety and environmental impacts considered as first and foremost priority and is actively investigating technology enhancements to achieve this long-term vision.

Tony Innaimo Transport Company is currently a registered member of LSS CoR-Safe, an AUS/NZ Chain of Responsibility (COR) Compliance Register, to ensure 100% compliance to the NHVR CoR safety standards. Our dedicated company Compliance Manager works regularly with all staff members strengthening  the aspects relating to maintaining regulatory requirements, while also proactively identifying & implementing improvements that go beyond these regulatory guidelines.

Team’s dedication to Organisation and Customer Communications

The Tony Innaimo Transport team is focused on ensuring customer and organisational communications are maintained as we view these to be key areas for ensuring reliable customer service.  With our primary focus on safety and environmental objectives as a priority, coupled with the cold-hard-facts of transportation within Australia having its daily challenges, communication is the ultimate tool the team fully embraces as it’s solution.

Organisation committed to providing customers with Ultimate Versatility in transport, third party logistics and warehousing options. Customer requirements for today and into the future are considered in all operational aspects within the organisation.  This is achieved currently through providing a wide range of transport options from B-double combinations and single semi-trailers to rigid trucks and local delivery vans, with ambient and chilled warehouses and transport services as well as investments into innovative technology with a vision toward the future.  Tony Innaimo Transport company aspires to achieve customer outcomes and its own long-term sustainability planning by its investments in efficient Euro 6 compliant vehicles whilst continuously researching the viability of more sustainable Heavy Vehicles as they become available within Australia.

Our long-standing relationships with many transport specific equipment manufacturers and suppliers gives an open line of communication when exploring the options that the NHVR PBS scheme allow. Being NHVR accredited in the Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue modules we are already able to achieve increased efficiencies, ongoing investment will further increase efficiencies while reducing the number of vehicles required to achieve the same result in freight movement. Obviously, the flow on effect being a reduction in emissions, further supporting our focus on minimising possible environmental damage.

Team's Dedication to Proving Our Customers with Real Value

Tony Innaimo Transport  provide customers with cost effective services which have been proven to reduce their workload utilising real time proof of delivery and consignment details via our customer portal and all drivers are committed to reliable communications with customers to any of the day-to-day challenges which may be presented.