Driver Performance

Driver Safety and Performance are our key areas of Focus

To provide our customers with a positive experience we focus on providing our drivers with all the equipment that they require to provide Realtime visibility on all our consignments. With our current technology our customers have real time tracking from the time the parcel is picked up to the time the receiver signs on the driver’s PDA.

Our driver’s PDA’s allow our drivers to schedule their delivery route in a efficient and productive sequence to maximise their productivity, they are also able upload messages and take photos that are uploaded to the consignment in real time.

Retrospective analysis of data from our driver’s PDA’s provides an opportunity for our managers to focus on business improvement and providing our drivers with accurate feedback.


We remain focused on developing our staff by investing in training and development programs such as:

  • CoR compliance
  • Basic and advanced fatigue management training
  • Mass management training
  • Dangerous good training

Ensuring that our staff is trained and accredited on all aspects of their daily task provides our customers with a high level of confidence knowing that we have knowledgeable  and accredited transporting their precious consignments.