Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

In what we see as an investment in the future of our children, our focus has moved more towards reducing our impact on the environment & acknowledging that any contribution towards the Zero Carbon goal is a worthwhile effort.

  • Education & creating awareness our staff in the areas of driving that contribute to overall vehicle performance being within a measurable “green band”.
  • Reducing un-necessary idling through removal of idle timers and a re-education process that factually disproves old school beliefs.
  • Specifying all new equipment to be a minimum Euro 6 Spec & engaging suppliers that have similar visions of a Zero Carbon Emission future.
  • Seeking advice & suggesting options to increase the aerodynamic features of equipment, reducing drag while increasing fuel efficiency.

The results of our efforts over the last two years, has been factually proven to have achieved a 10.3% reduction in CO2 emissions.