Team's Commitment to Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Tony Innaimo Transport puts safety first every time, we are dedicated in ensuring that our staff have a safe working environment, we believe there is no task that takes priority over safety. We are continuing our focus to zero harm, our commitment to the people in our business and the community is that that everyone gets to go home better then when they came to work.

We continue to invest in safety innovations and improvements, working together with industry leading suppliers to implement enhancements to our safety systems. Our focus is on best practices in our workshops, fatigue management, Accident avoidance and effective communication.

Our vehicles and facilities are maintained to a high standard and designed to best suite our business requirements and allowing space for future growth with our customers.

With our current monitoring systems installed in all our equipment we are able to generate reports providing our managers with real time information and visibility to improve our drivers performance and maximise the utilisation of the vehicles in our fleet. With the data available to us we can focus on refining safe work practices and improving road health and safety for our drivers.

We continue to invest in improvements of advanced safety systems.

Chain of Responsibility

Tony Innaimo Transport is committed to safe transport activities (as defined in the Heavy Vehicle National Law – HVNL) to improve the safety of drivers and passengers of vehicles, persons or property in or around road infrastructure, and risks to road infrastructure and the environment.

Our Chain of Responsibility Management System provides the framework for compliance and risk management and encompasses:

  • Understanding our CoR risks and proactive identification and control of those risks within our transport activities.
  • Training in risk management and CoR responsibilities for all workers with a role in the chain of responsibility.
  • Ensuring our heavy vehicles and equipment are road-worthy and safe and meet the required Vehicle Standards of the HVNL
  • Implementing systems to ensure compliance with the core obligations of:
    • Speed Management
    • Fatigue Management
    • Mass, Dimension and Loading
    • Vehicle Standards
  • Encouraging reporting of all CoR safety incidents/breaches and situations likely to be hazardous.
  • Working proactively with our supply chain partners and sharing information to improve safety outcomes
  • Compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law
  • Monitoring and measuring chain of responsibility safety performance to ensure continued improvement
  • Periodically review the chain of responsibility compliance program to ensure its effectiveness in eliminating or reducing our transport activity risks, as far as reasonably practicable.

Our obligation is to ensues that we provide a safe workplace for our staff and to ensure the safety of the community.

Safe Transport and Storage of Dangerous Goods

We provide safe and reliable transport of dangerous goods using our secure freight network. Our highly experienced and licensed team can transport four classes of dangerous goods in compliance with federal and state regulations. We’re especially skilled in the transport of Class 8 and Class 9 dangerous goods including corrosive substances such as sulphonics, sulphates and hydroxides.

When it comes to transporting hazardous materials safely and on time, you’re in good hands with Tony Innaimo Transport.

Safe Storage and Transport of Food Products - Ambient and Refrigerated

Tony Innaimo Transport offers direct freight service for temperature sensitive goods through our extensive capital city and regional network. Using our state-of-the art freight tracking and temperature monitoring, we can ensure the timely delivery of cold chain products at the right temperature. We specialise in the delivery of a variety of temperature-controlled goods including dairy and beverages. If you are looking for a safe and efficient refrigerated transport solution, our logistics professionals are ready to help.

All vehicles equipped with GPS Tracking Systems and Traffic Monitoring

Complete Transport Management System including Sign on Glass, GPS and much more..

  • Drivers Equipped with mobile devices with GPS Tracking Route Optimsation
  • Device based CoR (Chain of Responsibility) with Vehicle Maintenance Driver/Vehicle Compliance capture
  • Item level scanning and freight tracking
  • Automated Notifications with optional GeoFencing via email or SMS
  • Real-Time Electronic POD’s
  • Advanced EDI (data transfers) and customer web portal

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