Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health and Safety

Tony Innaimo Transport puts safety first every time, we are dedicated in ensuring that our staff have a safe working environment, we believe there is no task that takes priority over safety. We are continuing our focus to zero harm, our commitment to the people in our business and the community is that that everyone gets to go home better then when they came to work.

We continue to invest in safety innovations and improvements, working together with industry leading suppliers to implement enhancements to our safety systems. Our focus is on best practices in our workshops, fatigue management, Accident avoidance and effective communication.

Our vehicles and facilities are maintained to a high standard and designed to best suite our business requirements and allowing space for future growth with our customers.

With our current monitoring systems installed in all our equipment we are able to generate reports providing our managers with real time information and visibility to improve our drivers performance and maximise the utilisation of the vehicles in our fleet. With the data available to us we can focus on refining safe work practices and improving road health and safety for our drivers.

We continue to invest in improvements of advanced safety systems.